Because of His Love Ministries
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We are currently working on a database for defending the Christian faith. The plans are for the database to cover a wide range of subjects. The database will run through a webpage and later iphones and other mobil devices. Questions and comments are welcome.

Subjects Covered are
A.- Christian Beliefs, Church History and Demonations and how they differ.
B.- Cults that claim to be Christian and other religions of the world.
C.- How to share your faith
D.- Our Culture and how to defend you faith and confront the issues of today
E.- Life's tuff questions
F.- Science and how science supports the bible and not ideas like evolution and an earth of billions of years old
G.- Strange stuff - UFO's, Witchcraft, etc.

The software will only run on macintosh OS9, it will run in OSX under classic mode. You must have stuffit expander on you machine in order to expand the client software.
A. - Expand the software
B. - Open the software
C. - Under the File Menu go to visit
D. - Type in the ip address of the server listed below
E. - Type in guest as the user name and use the buttons to access data
Login to the Because of His Love Database
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Created on a Macintosh
Created on a Macintosh